Why Work with the Sharron Kelley Team?

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Lake County or Northern Cook County Illinois, you'll want to work with the members of the Sharron Kelley Team. The team, headed by award-winning Realtors Sharron Kelley and Alicia Kelley are simply the best real estate team available for anyone looking to buy or sell. The Sharron Kelley Team is distinguished by many years of experience, hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, incredible marketing savvy, genuine caring and unwavering enthusiasm.

275 Million in Career Sales
In her 24 years in real estate, Sharron Kelley has made an astounding 275 million dollars in career sales. In 2007 alone, Sharron and her Team made a massive 30 million dollars in sales, and placed number 16 in the top 20 real estate teams out of 100 at Re/Max Northern Illinois. How are they able to successfully sell so much real estate in the Lake County, Illinois and Northern Cook County area? Perhaps the single most important factor in their success is their understanding their market and the use of Internet marketing. These days, when smart people need to buy or sell houses, condos or lots, they turn to the Internet first.

For years, the Sharron Kelley Team has communicated to potential buyers and sellers with an easy-to-use, first-rate website. Just compare the number of attractive listings and the wealth of helpful information on Sharron's website to the listings and information on other websites. The difference is obvious: www.NorthernIllinoisHomes.com offers truly one-stop-shopping for all your relocation and real estate needs.